Resources & References: SKATEBOARDING

Skateboarding Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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Organizations and Websites
Exploratorium Skateboard Science
Skate Catalyst
Skateboarding Magazine
Skaters for Public Skateparks

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Photo and Illustration Credits
(boy on skateboard, BSA file;, courtesy: helmet, ©Kunertus; knee and wrist pads, ©VladaKela), (, courtesy: helmet, ©Kunertus; knee pads, ©PhotographyByMK; boy on skateboard, BSA file) (boy on skateboard, BSA file) (, courtesy: helmet and knee pad illustrations,
©Beresnev; skateboard illustration, ©braingraph)

We are grateful to Donny Smith, Tyler Yerzerski, Michael Lingelbach, and Jim Virgin for developing the Skateboarding program feature. Donny is from Spohn Ranch Skateparks, Keller, Texas. Tyler serves as the Skateboard program manager at the BSA’s Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. Michael also serves at the Summit. Jim is from Vancouver, Washington, and is the team lead for Extreme Sports at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree.

Skateboarding Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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