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Fish and Wildlife Management, Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Sustainability merit badge pamphlets
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BSA Fishing Programs
BSA Fishing – Certified Anglers Instruction
American Fisheries Society
Federation of Fly Fishers
Fishing Knots by Grog
International Game Fish Association
Trout Unlimited
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Federation of Fly Fishers, International Game Fish Association, and Trout Unlimited have each signed a memorandum of mutual support with the Boy Scouts of America that emphasizes an ongoing relationship to promote mutually beneficial programs such as the Fly-Fishing and Fishing merit badges.

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Video, Photo and Illustration Credits
(yellow perch, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Duane Raver, courtesy; young fisherman, Virgil Pearce, courtesy; bobbers, BSA/Dan Bryant;, courtesy: creel, ©VVO; tackle box, ©Kateryna Dyellalova) (BSA file) (all knot illustrations, BSA/John McDearmon) (, courtesy: toy fish, ©Vladyslav Danilin; red-tail fishing lure, ©Igors Rusakovs; striped fishing lure, ©MeePoohyaPhoto; fly-fishing fly, ©schnoz); Surf Fishing Photo, courtesy Jonathan Canfield and National Recreation Trails; Video Segments courtesy of Gabriel VanDreel

We are grateful to Ben Jelsema, Clermont, Florida, BSA Fishing Task Force chairman, who helped develop the Fishing program feature.

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