Snowboarding and Skiing Information Troop Meetings Main Event


How can you not be inspired by watching a skiing or snowboarding professional ripping a line of fresh powder across a snow-covered mountainside? When done properly, skiing and snowboarding allow a freedom and exhilaration not found with summer activities. As filmmaker Warren Miller has said, reaching the higher ground in life is looking inside yourself and pushing the limits to accomplish something you never thought was possible.

Skiing has long allowed people in northern countries the ability to get about in deep snow by staying on top of it rather than floundering in it. Skiing and snowboarding allow maximum progress in the winter with minimal exertion. Whether you use Nordic skis for a cross-country trek, snowboard and Alpine skis for downhill fun, or mountaineering skis for a backcountry adventure, snow sports are the best and most fun ways to get around in the snow.

Snowboarding and Skiing Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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