Shotgun Shooting Information Troop Meetings Main Event


Shotgun shooting is the most basic form of marksmanship. During our nation’s early days, many settlers relied on their shotguns to keep meat on the table and provide their home with a measure of security. They had to know how their firearms worked, how to use them skillfully and maintain them in good working order, and how to shoot with utmost respect for the safety of themselves and others.

Shotguns have changed since then. Modern shotguns are reliable and efficient. Some shotgunners shoot at target ranges. Others enjoy the special thrill and challenge of stalking game in the field. Still others aspire to compete on the national or international level. You won’t be ready for the Olympics after this month’s meetings and activities. But you will gain a solid understanding of firearm safety and shooting technique while enjoying some exciting target games.

Shotgun Shooting Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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