Program Feature: PADDLE SPORTS

Paddle Sports Information Troop Meetings Main Event

Make a splash with Canoeing, Kayaking, and stand up Paddleboarding

Long before people voyaged across the oceans in ships powered by sails and engines, they began to cross the water using paddlecraft. Early in human history, what started off as swimming with something that floated turned into building rafts and using a device for paddling. Simple boats gradually became more refined and more efficient. For example, people in the north needed protection from the cold, so they created kayaks, which have covered decks and can be righted if capsized.

PaddleboardPhotoEven the paddle itself has changed through the years. With the popularity of stand up paddleboards (SUPs), the basic paddle has been extended to allow more comfort and better performance. Today, there is a wide variety of watercraft. Which type of paddlecraft your group chooses will likely be based on location, availability, and interest. Regardless, you will master the same skills as people from long ago. Whether you conquer whitewater or travel through the Boundary Waters with the Northern Tier National High Adventure Program, you will make a splash and have fun doing it.

Paddle Sports Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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