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Cycling Information Troop Meetings Main Event

Getting Stronger, Going Farther

Bicycling is great way to combine exercise, travel, and recreation in one activity. Few activities are better than uphill cycling for intense aerobic exercise and physical fitness. Cycling’s downhill speed is simply thrilling. Another attraction is that you can bicycle four times father than you can jog in the same time period. Even cycling to school or work is much more than just a transportation alternative. It is always recreational, diverting your mind from your daily indoor work to enjoyment of the outdoor environment. It is a means of travel that will reduce stress and restore and energize your spirits.

You can ride in bicycle races if you like, but most cycling is the noncompetitive touring or commuting type— although you will probably have trouble resisting the urge to pass those riding ahead of you even when you are only touring or commuting. Trick riding on BMX bikes and trail riding on mountain bikes are also part of the cycling scene. Whether you stick to only one type or participate in all kinds of cycling, you will probably find that cycling becomes a valuable and enjoyable lifelong activity. It might even lead you to a career.

Cycling Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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