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Are You Up to the Challenge?

The pole towers 30 feet in the air, but you’re determined to climb it. Step by step, inch by inch, you climb higher and higher. The cheers of your friends on the ground drown out the voice inside saying you’ll never make it all the way—although your knees still feel a little wobbly. It takes a long time, but eventually you reach the top. As you ring a bell hanging just above your head, you breathe deeply, knowing that you’ve met the challenge and are ready for more.

COPE—Challenging Outdoor Personal Experiences—is a Scouting program that includes group initiative games, trust events, and challenges that reach from the ground to the sky. This month’s meetings and activities will let you climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, problem-solve, and become stronger both as individuals and as a team. Are you ready? Then climb on!

COPE Information Troop Meetings Main Event

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