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An Adventure Underground

Beneath the earth’s surface lies a magnificent realm darker than a moonless night. No rain falls. No storms rage. The seasons never change. Other than the ripple of hidden streams and the occasional splash of dripping water, this underground world is silent. Yet it is not without life. Bats fly with sure reckoning through mazes of tunnels, and otherworldly fish swim through unseen rivers. This is the world of the cave—as beautiful, alien, and remote as the glaciated crests of lofty mountains. Just as climbers are tempted by summits that rise far above familiar ground, cavers are drawn into a subterranean wilderness every bit as exciting and remarkable as any place warmed by the rays of the sun.

This month’s meetings and activities will take you into this hidden world. Whether you tour a show cave or explore a wild cave, you will come to appreciate a part of the earth that most people will never experience.

Caving Information  Troop Meetings Main Event

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